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Search Tip: Use the asterisk (*) wildcard if you do not know the exact spelling of a person’s name (joh* do*) More search tips are available.

Northwestern faculty, staff and students: use the authenticated Web page to gain full access to directory information from off campus.

Members of the Northwestern community can update their own directory entries at any time.

If you need help, please see the Online Directory documentation or contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or

This directory is for official Northwestern University use and also for individual communication between faculty, staff, and students listed herein. Use of this directory for any other purpose, including, but not limited to, reproducing and storing it in a retrieval system by any means, electronic or mechanical; photocopying; or using the addresses or other information contained in this directory for any private, commercial, or political mailing, is strictly prohibited, is in direct violation of copyright, and constitutes misappropriation of corporate property.